Benefits of salsa dancing

Recently I had a salsa night to remember. The salsa band and the deejay played music that kept me on the floor. As one song ended, I left one partner for the next salsa dance partner. My shirt was soaking wet from perspiration. On the last song of the night, My partner and I agreed to end the dance before it was over. We were too tired to work out one more dance. Oh what a night it was on the dance floor.

In addition to a fulfilling night on the dance floor, there was one other benefit to share. According to an article written by Michael Douglas, one of the benefits of dancing salsa is the ability to burn calories. According to him, a person can burn 10 calories a minute. That night I may have burned over 500 calories. Come to think of it, I slept restfully, too. If you would like to read Michael Douglas’ entire article, click here:



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